Do you know why I love Christmas so much? Festive atmosphere, magical decorations and ornaments
and most of all gifts! It’s the time when dreams come true😊 Moreover, I have a special tradition I love to practice every year with my family – we cook delicious Christmas treats! There’s something about Christmas that makes everything a bit more magical, even the dessert. You can create different kinds of desserts! Only the sky is the limit to your imagination! You can Eat them yourselves or package and give your friends as a cute DIY gift!
Here is a whole collection of magical Christmas projects that will make your house as festive as possible:
– Marshmallow snowmen for your hot cocoa. Make an adorable snowman from marshmallow and pretzel sticks.
– Easy brownie Christmas trees. Cut triangles from a cake and add minimalistic but cute decoration from the white glaze, sprinkles a small star sprinkle at the top.
-Christmas Oreo Pops. They are so easy to make but look lovely
– Festive reindeer treats. It’s a crazy simple recipe. You will need snack cakes, icing, and pretzels! Even 3-year-old can make these cute reindeer
After watching this video, you will cook desserts much faster, just practice daily and enjoy the process.
Celebrate Christmas with flower decorated cupcakes. This decoration is really cute and fast to do. Cut each scarf crosswise into 5 slices, arrange 5 slices on each cupcake in flower shape. Place the flower on a cupcake and sprinkle with colored sugar.
The next recipe is marshmallow toast that is so easy to do place bread slices on a baking tray, place chocolate on bread then cover with marshmallows and bake for 40 minutes! Voila!
Learn how to make your own chocolate Coca-Cola bottle. Fill with sweets and surprise your friends as you crack it open. Pour the melted chocolate into the bottle, slowly rotate the bottle until the chocolate has completely coated the inside, refrigerate for an hour. Remove the plastic bottle, put sweets inside and re-attach the label you removed earlier! Kids will totally adore this sweet and also, it’s such a good item for parties!

00:09 Christmas treats
00:45 Marshmallow snowman
02:27 Chocolate penguins
06:09 Marshmallow flowers
09:00 Banana pops
15:02 Chocolate croissants

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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