We also wanna share with you epic ways to repurpose your old boring picture frames at home.
It won’t take much effort but you gonna love the result.
Check out How to make a creative mirror from a picture frame in our simple tutorial that is easy enough for all levels of skill. Make sure that your glass is clean of any grease and then spray few layers of mirror effect paint on the back side of the glass. Use tape and you can make any pattern you like!
Recycle old wooden picture frames with this budget-friendly craft we prepared for you. If you have 3 photo frames of same size, attach them together using hot glue. Pour sand inside and add any cute item you want.
Piggy bank is an old idea for kids, but what we can offer to adults? Watch our video and find a tutorial of DIY shadow box bank. The supplies you will need shadow box picture frame, picture for your backdrop. Make the hole on the top, insert the picture and save your money! It’s a cute idea if you want to save money for travelling, insert the picture of any city you like!
Flat glass marbles crafts are really cheap and wonderful, you can make various projects using this simple material. You can create any picture attaching the drops to the glass of picture frame. Use your imagination and create! Have fun!
Egg trays could be transformed into a decoration item and you can create a cute photo frame.
Nowadays we have a lot of keys: car keys, keys from our homes, office keys. And we need to organize them not to lose because losing them would be a disaster. You will find one of our favorite key holders looks very much like a picture. All you need is a nice frame and hooks.
Find out a lot of colorful ideas and have fun!
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