This one is all about our precious teeth!
Unusual ways to get a smile of your dreams, necessary tips on the teeth care, tips for figuring out a bad breath and possible solutions!
You’ll also discover the way tooth decay starts and how to prevent this nasty process!

Try to add at least 3-4 products from the following list to your diet if you wanna have that Hollywood smile!

– Carrots, they nourish the gums and improve the blood circulation around them.
– Oranges, pineapples and strawberries. They contain acid that whitens the teeth.
– Apples protect against tooth decay, remove unpleasant smells.
– Pumpkin strengthens and whitens teeth.
– Seafood products restore enamel and strengthen bone tissue.
– Hard cheeses maintain the acid-alkaline balance.
– Nuts feed the bone tissue and restore the nerve fibers.
– Eggs prevent damage to the teeth.
– Water washes away food and strengthens the enamel.
– Green tea prevents the formation of plaque.
– Chicory stimulates blood flow to the gums.
– Honey disinfects and heels inflamation of mucous tissue.
– Herbs stop bleeding in the gums.
– Sticks of celery fight bacteria in the mouth.

Stay safe and sound and smile more often! : )


1:42 Banana peel
2:13 Brush your teeth professionally ; )
3:25 Products for a healthy smile
5:44 What happens when you lose your teeth?

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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