You have a lot of cups and plates but they are too boring or even old and broken? There are so many cool crafts that you can make using cups and plates! These unbelievably cool crafts are easy to make and they are also very cheap. Learn how to decorate your house on a budget and make amazing presents for your family and friends.
Let’s begin with the unique painting technique called fluid acrylic painting. You may use this technique to decorate plates. You will need a kitchen sink filter and paint of different colors. Watch full tutorial in our video!
Old forks could be reused as hooks for clothes. Looks stylish!
We have one more idea how to fix the plate or sculpture and also to decorate it, mix glitter and food safe epoxy glue together. Cover the edges with glue and join the pieces together while applying light pressure to squeeze extra epoxy out. You can choose any glitter color and your broken plate will look glamorous!
Another cool and easy way to decorate cups is bubble painting.
The supplies you will need dishwashing soap, water, acrylic paint, and straw. Mix all the ingredients in a glass and blow bubbles. Then cover the cup you want to decorate with bubbles. Have fun!
If your ceramic plate is broken, you can save the situation. Fix the parts together using tape and put the plate into a pot and cover with warm milk. The idea is that milk contains a protein, casein, that, with heat, can be formed into a natural plastic.
We have an adorable idea how to make the romantic flying cup that can be a cool present to anyone. It will be a beautiful cup that is pouring fake flowers down! It seems really tricky, but in fact, it’s easy to make it.
Check out how to create an adorable lamp from plastic cups for your party! You gonna love this project!
If you draw something on a white cup using a ceramic marker and then place it in the oven as it is shown in the video, the patterns won’t come off after you wash the cups!


00:15 Fluid painting
03:56 Broken plate trick
04:20 Makeup storage idea
05:42 Do you love pandas?
07:26 Cute flower pots

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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