We live in the 21st century and gadgets are everywhere! We use them every day. Why not adding a bit of creativity to our everyday life by adding a bit of cool gadgets crafts and hacks for kids?

You can make a cool and fresh power bank holder out of a Coca-Cola cup and sneak your gadgets unnoticed anywhere. You can also hide a flash drive in a lip balm tube.

In this video, you can find numerous ideas on making amazing phone cases out of plain ones. Now, you can be your own designer. You can make a cool space phone case or paint it any color you like. If you get some resin, you can make your own 3D composition. My favorite idea is definitely a colorful lacy phone case made of hot glue and nail polish.

You can personalize your charger and also protect it realy well using plain yarn! Now your wires will always be in order.

Another awesome idea will add up more excitement to mobile games. It’s definitely for you if you like racing games. Take some cardboard, hot glue, and a battery, and make yourself a cool steering wheel for racing. With this craft, you’ll always be the winner!

You can make cool phone holders out of cardboard. Using simple boxes, you can make a projector, a portable cinema, a hologram projector. How cool does that sound? Just watch this video and learn these awesome tricks.


0:45 – DIY secret flash drive
03:40 – Phone case ideas
07:43 – Movie projector
12:11 – Old tie into a phone case

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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