We know many ways to keep toddlers entertained. Today we are here to prove that math can be fun! It’s important not only to keep them happy and excited but also to educate and develop them. There are many basic skills to train with little kids: counting, reading, learning ABC, developing fine motor skills. It’s definitely way easier to do it while playing. Behold an ultimate collection of awesome educational ideas for kids.

Many parents are puzzled when it comes to explaining math for kids. There’s a really simple way to explain math for little kids and here it comes: you can use LEGO for explaining math for toddlers.
Watch and repeat yourself!

Pool noodles are awesome for teaching math! You can cut them and explain fractions to kids. Also it works with sums and other mathematical actions. Using these pool noodles and a large container, you can teach ABC and letters to kids.

In this video for kids, you can find a couple of tricks for toddlers – you can draw anything out of numbers – animals, fruits, or choose your own variant. This exercise is incredibly beneficial – it’s good for developing imagination, it’s good for learning numbers (animals, fruit, or anything else), so it really helps to train the brain as nothing else does!

In this video, you may find many surprising challenges – check out Indian multiplication and tell us if you got this trick.


01:49 – Pool noodle reading activity
04:38 – Learning fractions using apples
09:16 – Drawing animals out of numbers
13:24 – Multiplication by 99

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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