Sewing, stitching, and embroidery are really necessary and useful skills. Embroidery is a beautiful (and easy) craft that can help you to turn any plain T-shirt, bag, jeans, and what not into a real handmade masterpiece. Stitching may really help you when you have a hole in your jeans or sleeves that are too loose. You can do a lot of cool DIYs if you learn how to sew and stitch. In this video, you can find the coolest tips on sewing and embroidery.

If you want to make your sleeves a bit shorter, there’s a cool stitching hack for you in this video.

You can decorate any plain item of clothing with cute bouquet with a piece of veil after watching this video. Add a little detail to your everyday or school look – a cute embroidered kitten on your sleeve. A hole on your jeans can become cute heart ornament.

In case your sleeves are too loose – there’s an elegant solution to this problem. Just a few stitches can make your shirt fit you perfectly.

You can turn your plain T-shirts, tote bags and handkerchiefs into mere works of art by stitching beautiful flowers on them. Watching this video, you can learn 6 of them. Behold: rose, dandelion, lazy daisy, hyacinth, satin stitch flower, chamomile. There’s a whole flower bed for you to stitch!

There are many more amazing stitching and embroidery ideas in this video, watch and learn!


00:22 – A cute bouquet
01:13 – Hey, there’s a cat on your sleeve
02:05 – Jeans hack
03:27 – Simple running stitches
05:51 – Amazing flowers

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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