The following hacks and tips will also help you to make your desk more organized, you will create fancy things that will totally surprise your classmates. These hacks won’t take much effort but you gonna love the result.
We will show you how to erase permanent marker and clean different surfaces covered with it.
Use toothpaste to erase permanent marker from ceramic tile, rubbing alcohol to ease from wood and sanitizer, baking soda and lemon juice to erase from a t-shirt. Also, we share an easy recipe how to erase permanent marker from a carpet- use rubbing alcohol and hairspray.
Does it get too messy when you sharpen a pencil? There’s a simple way to avoid a mess in this case. Next time you buy a Tic-Tac – don’t throw away the box. Attach the sharpener to the lid and stick it back into the box.
If you have a pair of dull scissors, aluminum foil is to the rescue again.
Use the scissors to make several cuts through some foil and they will be sharp again!
You can have a lot of fun with ordinary office supplies! Using a couple of pencils and rubber bands, you can even make a crossbow.
Check out super-useful hacks with sticky tape that you didn’t know before:
-how to put a bracelet on by yourself using sticky tape
-you can make wall decoration using sticky tape
-open tight lids. Duct tape can pull a tight lid off a bottle. Now you don’t have to ask anybody to open a stubborn jar
-use sticky tape to remove a splinter
-sticky tape adds grip to the bathroom carpet
Crayons could be a great material to create a cute lamp! If you have a lot of crayons, you can decorate a lampshade with them. Take colorful crayons and attach them to the lamp. It looks awesome and such a lamp is a perfect gift for a creative person.
Stay tuned and don’t miss out on anything!

00:06 DIY Crossbow
01:57 How to erase permanent marker
03:57 Tic tac box pencil sharpener
04:26 Sharpen your scissors
05:44 Sticky tape hacks

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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