Every girl dreams about long hair but it takes a lot of time and effort to take care of them.
Today you will find a collection of hacks that will ease your life and every lazy girl will totally love them.
Woke up too late and no time to curl your hair! Use our hair trick how to curl hair using a straightener.
We will show you how to curl your hair super-fast using a really creative way. Make a ponytail and curl your hairs. Perfect curls are ready! Watch our easy-breezy tutorial!
Check out truly awesome yet super-easy hair hacks to look fabulous without spending hours in your bathroom. No time to prepare for the party? We will show you how to curl your hair super fast using really creative ways. You can curl your hair with the help of pencils, and bobby pins.
Moreover, if you want to avoid using a hair dryer or curling iron, try braiding your wet hair after your shower at night and leave the braids in while you sleep. In the morning you will have perfect curls and volume.
Find the recipe for natural dandruff treatment. Mix one egg and beer to prepare the mask.
Find out lots of easy 5-minute hairstyles in our video!
We like hair buns because, because they are easy to do and If you have a bad hair day, a bun is a good choice for a stylish look.
There a lot of creative ways to make a ponytail, watch our video to find a perfect ponytail tutorial. Moreover, you can make a voluminous ponytail using a vacuum cleaner.
Hair is the symbol of beauty and attractiveness and every woman try to do their best and little extra to help their hair look flawless. Still, long hair can get really annoying. Backpacks, purses, jackets, and zippers are some of the worst enemies of long hair. Zippers are like a serial killer for your hair, as they get caught and cause great damage to ends. The wind blows the hair and it looks so beautiful if you are not wearing lipstick or eat ice cream. Every girl knows the situation when hair gets caught under a backpack. Anytime we want to use a backpack or purse, we have to think about where our hair will be when we put it on or take it off.


00:45 Lazy curls
01:12 Beachy waves
03:06 Natural dandruff treatment
04:57 Fast way to color your hair
05:32 Voluminous ponytail
06:24 Fast hairstyles

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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