Watching our videos, you can have fun every single day! Crafting is the coolest hobby – it’s not only a way of spending time, it also helps to create useful things and presents for your nearest and dearest.

Today, we prepared for you an ultimate idea and life hack collection – here you can find all types of life hacks – painting for kids, crafting, and even child safety! Stay with us and get ready to have fun!

What can be more important than kid’s safety? You can make your house safer using our awesome tips and ideas – a tennis ball can serve as a protector for dangerous parts of furniture. A couple of towel hooks and a rubber band can protect your drawers from being opened.

A piece of tape and a couple of pins can protect a bookshelf. Use a plastic container and upgrade it a little bit to store an extension cord with sockets. Foam isolation for pipes comes to rescue when you have to prevent a door from closing. Painting, eating or playing – no matter what, you can protect your kid’s clothes from being soiled with paint or food by making a protective overall using only a plastic bag.

Using a cardboard tube, you can make a cute shelf or a display for collectibles.

Watch this video up to the end and see how to make amazing science experiments for kids!

In this video, you can find a cool idea of making a microwaved cake – quick and yummy!


00:52 – Towel overall
02:21 – Saving toilet paper
03:37 – Time-management clock
07:24 – Spider races

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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