Holidays are coming and it means that it’s time to prepare for the best night of the year!
You will find a lot of fabulous decorating ideas that will amaze your guests! Our craft projects won’t take a lot of time and require a minimum amount of supplies.
You will find such homemade Christmas decorations as paper crafts, how to wrap gifts, simple Christmas ornaments.
Hosting guests is something that we all do from time to time. Though it may be challenging, we always try to make a perfect dinner. The napkin-folding techniques are something fun and useful for special events Christmas dinner. Check out an idea of how to make your Christmas table special!
Let’s give your traditional decorations an extra special look! You don’t need to buy new Christmas ornaments because you can make homemade ones. Create Christmas tree decorations made from paper, polymer clay, hot glue and even from pasta!
You can make a DIY garland from bow tie pasta, and it’s an extra easy and fun project you can make with your kids! You will need farfalle pasta, yarn, and glitters! Boil pasta for 10 seconds and thread it. Cover with glitters. Have fun!
Moreover, you can use pasta to make awesome greeting cards! Check out this absolutely wonderful way of card making for your loved ones by your own hands. Use plastic cone and create a Christmas tree from pasta!
Did you know that you can make really cheap snowflakes using a hot glue gun? Print or draw by hand your snowflakes template and lay the sandpaper over the template. Trace the snowflakes with a hot glue gun. Let dry and now you can decorate Christmas tree or windows.
As a bonus, learn how to make DIY wreaths that are a great addition to your home décor and gives a special holiday feel. You can make a huge and awesome Christmas wreath using with a wire hanger.
Our craft projects won’t take a lot of time and require a minimum amount of supplies!

00:10 Farfalle garland
00:40 Cute cookies
01:55 Surprising pasta hacks
04:48 Hot glue snowflakes
05:45 Paper angels

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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