Check out this absolutely wonderful way of making for your loved ones by your own hands. A cute and creative DIY cards, gifts, wrapping ideas from the heart is always a good gift that will cost a penny.
Find out these absolutely wonderful ways of making cards by your own hands.
Make super creative Christmas greeting card using pencil shavings! You will need to sharpen your color pencils a lot and glue the shavings to form the Christmas tree.
Also, you can cut out a Christmas tree, or a heart, a gift or any other shape you like from it.
Holidays are coming and it’s time to think about house decorations. Here is a whole collection of magical Christmas projects that will make your room as festive as possible. You will find such homemade Christmas decorations as holiday wreaths, simple Christmas trees, table decoration and a lot more!
Hosting guests is something that we all do from time to time. Though it may be challenging, we always try to make a perfect dinner. The napkin-folding techniques are something fun and useful for special events Christmas dinner. Check out an idea of how to make your Christmas table special!
Another cheap and fast idea is to make a plastic spoon Christmas tree. This ingenious idea doesn’t require much effort and skills. Cut the heads off all the spoons, color them and glue plastic spoons to the cardboard tree form. Voila!
The classical light bulb could be a very versatile item and might be converted into Christmas decoration.
Cover the bulb with glue and with glitters. Voila!
We have a super creative idea how to make Ninja Turtle Ornaments. Supplies you need to make cute Ornaments: green ornament balls, ribbon (blue, red, orange, & purple) and toy eyes. Just string glue around the middle of the ornament ball and add ribbon. When the glue is dry add eyes. Ready!

00:09 Ninja Turtle Ornaments
01:46 Christmas ornaments
02:08 Snowmen from eggs
03:18 Paper ballerinas
04:14 Christmas greeting cards
07:28 Christmas made from spoons

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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