Crafting is an amazing way to spend time and have fun in a company! It gets colder outside and you have to find more and more cool and funny ways to spend your time indoors. It can be challenging! Watch this awesome life hacks and ideas collection and find your favorite activity! The crafts from this video are easy to make and they are really useful. Choose your favorite idea and tell us about it in the comments. Dig in and don’t forget to tell us in the comments, which ideas you loved most of all.

Stones and pebbles are available to everyone. They cost nothing and they are one of the coolest materials for arts and crafts. Check out our awesome stone life hacks collection.

Learn how to make decorative elements out of ordinary stones and nail polish. It looks really cool and stylish, you can decorate anything that you like with these cute stones. Another cool idea with nail polish is making cute enamel-like flowers out of wire.

The next craft is even cooler! You can simply glue pebbles on a mat and make a piece of a beach in the middle of your room. Just step on it barefoot and feel the breeze! You can also make a creative tic-tac-toe game set using pebbles. If you forget watering living plants, you can make cute cacti out of pebbles. Another cool craft is making book holders out of stones.

Another cute stone crafts is for those who love plants but always forget watering them. Good news for you – you can make awesome cacti of stones.

There are many cool yarn craft ideas in this video. I like the cutest yarn cushion!

There are more amazing crafts for you in this video. Try and see yourself!


01:00 – Nail polish craft
02:01 – Stone bookholders
08:47 – Yarn craft ideas
13:14 – Cup decorating

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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