Kids grow fast and nobody cna argue with that. Instead of spending tons of money on clothes that can get immediately dirty, broken, torn or even too small, it’s better to learn how to recycle old clothes and turn it either into something new or into something completely different. Learn to craft with our amazing clothing lifehacks for kids!

The first idea is simple and borderline genius. Autumn is coming together with nasty rains. In order to protect any fabric shoes or sneakers from getting wet, you can do the following: rub them with a candle and warm up with a hairdryer. See what happens next: you can pour any liquid over your shoes and it will roll off them without even leaving a mark! Isn’t it magical?

There are more cool hacks for fabric sneakers in this video: learn how to make white sneakers shiny again! What’s also cool, you can make them not only clean and shiny, but you can also make them glow in the dark! First of all, clean them with baking soda, and then use some fluorescent paint over them. Turn off the light and check the result! Another cool way of decorating plain sneakers is painting a whole galaxy on them. Use permanent markers for that. You can also make your sneakers waterproof to protect the design.

Keeping your clothes in order is a difficult task. It becomes easier when you start doing it smart. You can fold your clothes without effort if you have a special folding device. All you need for that craft is some cardboard and sticky tape. Now your closet will always be in order.

Do you know that you can make any print on a T-shirt? All you need is a piece of hosiery put into an embroidery hoop, mod podge, and some paint of your favorite color. Check out this video to know how it all works together.

Watch this video up to the end and see how to make cute toys from socks.


01:01 – Folding clothes like a pro
02:12 – Screen painting
04:24 – T-shirt that glows in the dark
05:20 – Galaxy sneakers
10:24 – Origami bag

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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