Your pens and pencils are magic. Don’t you believe it? Well, if you don’t, I have some evidence for you. In this life hack collection, you can find a lot of crazy cool ideas that might save your day at school. Drawing straight lines and circles without tulers and compasses – pff, easy as 1-2-3! There are more cool ideas for those who love crafting and would like to upgrae their workspace.

Forgot to bring a compass to class? No need to worry. There are many ways to draw a perfect circle without using a compass. You can use three pencils and a rubber bands.You can use a paperclip – all you’ll have to do is to unbend it. There’s even a very tricky way – you’ll need a pencil, a piece of wire, and a…drill! Use a drill to make perfect circles on cardboard, for example.

If you use several pencils and a few rubber bands, you can make a crossbow! Be careful with this toy weapon!))

You can make awesome stationery holders out of practically nothing. The first way to turn trash into tresure is to use empty tin cans for making an awesome atationery holder. You can decorate it as we did, or you can suggest your own way of decorating a stationery holder in the comments (find another cool decor idea in the end of the video). Another awesome idea is using slime as your stationery holder. The recipe for htis awesome slime is in the middle of the video.

So, can you see now that your pens and pencils can work magic? If you agree now, leave us a like and a comment, I would like to know which crafts you liked most of all.


02:16 – Fixing charge cables
02:27 – A pencil crossbow
04:18 – DIY stationery holder
07:13 – Tic-Tac pencil sharpener

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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