There are so many helpful hacks I wanna share with you today!
Let’s start with the coziest place in the house, our kitchen! I’ll show you the ways to cook with no mess, open oil or vinegar bottle correctly. And even how to open a beer bottle with your eyelash curler! You’ll discover how to rip off present ribbon with your bare hands. Cut your sandwich when there’s no knife around you. Pour milk into your cereal bowl properly.

I’ll also show you some unique fork and spoon hacks. You’ll find out how to make clothes hangers, kitchen utensils holders, candle holder and many more!

You can open a wine bottle or drive a nail or cut vegetables neatly.You can even make a cute clock using plastic spoons and forks! Or turn them into salt and pepper holder.

I’ll also show you tons of ideas on how to reuse old towels, make non-slipping cleaning glove, hair brush massager and many more smart and useful inventions!
Stay tuned and don’t miss out on anything!

Check out these useful things you’re totally allowed to steal from your boyfriend! Transform his underwear into sport crop top, make cute skirt out of his shirt, and find out unusual yet very helpful uses for regular condoms! You’ll be surprised with helpful drill and alcohol hacks as well! You can use them super effectively for cleaning and cooking purposes. Anyway, you should give them a try! : )

How to cook an amazing steak in the most crazy ways possible, make polishing shoes cream and shaving foam substitute out of peanut butter, remove stains on your carpet with regular iron? Answers to these questions are right here in this video!

Source: 5-Minute Crafts

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