Welcome to the world of slime satisfaction. Slime is such a cool thing to play with, especially when slime is unlimited and you always can make some more. In this video, you can find a lot of cool and easy recipes of slimes, foamy crafts, and jellies for kids!

One of the coolest slimy toys that you can DIY is an easy stress reliever. To make it, you’ll need a balloon, some starch and water. Put the mixture into a balloon and enjoy your cool stress reliever. It also works out with toothpaste inside a balloon.

Sometimes slime can be not just a useless toy! Using this slime made without borax, you can clean the keyboard of your computer. Learn how to make a slime that glows in the dark (spoiler:for this one, you’ll need fluorescent paint). It’s very easy to make it but it looks adorable.

Another cool idea that can surprise anyone is making a giant slime. Paint it brown and get a Nutella slime. To make it, you’ll need PVA glue, sodium tetraborate, and liquid detergent. Mix it all in a big container and enjoy your slime! Add some food coloring of your favorite color and have fun with this giant slime!

You can make adorable crafts for kids using shaving foam. For example, you can using for creating unique arts on any surface. Another shaving foam idea is making puffy paint for kids using shaving foam and food coloring.

Watch this video up to the end to see how to make a cool glowing jellyfish in a bottle.


00:39 – A slime that glows in the dark
01:24 – Shaving foam art
03:47 – A huge slime
06:23 – Shaving foam experiment

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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