You will find the ideas on how to cook a breakfast in fast and easy ways, how to decorate and serve breakfast will totally make your morning incredible.
We are here with a plenty easy trick to make cooking eggs a bit easier. There is no need to miss a breakfast anymore.
I’ll demonstrate you how to make the best desserts ever: Nutella banana, pears with honey, croissants, blueberry pancakes and more!
Check out gluten-free banana pancakes you can cook in just 10 minutes! In a bowl, mash 2 large bananas with a fork until it resembles a thick purée, add 2 eggs and stir. And cook for 1-2 mins each side! Voila!
Banana Nutella Sushi is the fastest dessert ever – Spread Nutella over bananas, roll Nutella-coated bananas in popped rice to coat. Slice bananas into pieces. Don’t forget chopsticks.
In this video, you can find a lot of awesome pastry ideas.
Another super easy recipe is chocolate braid puff pastry dessert that is hard to resist. You will need frozen puff pastry, chocolate bar, 1 egg, shaved almonds. Watch the full tutorial in our video!
Check out an easy and fast recipe of apple cinnamon croissants! You roll out the puff pastry, add the brown sugar and cinnamon, place a slice of apple, roll up the pastry, brush on a little egg and bake!
Detox water that is really easy to make at home has a lot of benefits for your body. It is claimed to help remove toxins, help with weight loss, balance your pH and boost your immune system. All you need is water and a selection of different fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can make detox water at home in lots of different ways, using any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you like.


00:06 Nutella pancake
01:11 Gluten-free recipe
05:42 Apple cinnamon croissants
06:12 Lava cake recipe
11:39 Detox water recipes

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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