These days studying is not so hard – all those gadgets and stuff. However, using our school life hacks, you can turn your studies into a lot of fun. Check out our creative ideas, use them yourself and show them to your friends and classmates.

If you don’t have a pencil case, I’ll show you how to substitute it with a…notebook cover! You can use a couple of rubber bands – they can hold all your stationery!

If you don’t have scissors and still have to cut something, you can use (and I’m not joking!!!) a couple of plastic rulers. I bet, you can surprise all your friends with this adorable idea.

If you have to memorize Pi number, there’s nothing easier. Try to memorize this phrase – May I have a large container of coffee beans. How to use it? Find the answer here – 01:10.

Eating chips and snacks in class is always connected with a lot of noise. Your teacher can be against eating in class, and making noise is disrespectful to other people in class. However, we came up with a brilliant solution. You can join the benefits of a chips bag and a wep wites container. You can see the tutorial here: 01:29.

Another awesome idea is a reusable note. If you put some sticky tape over a piece of paper, you can easily wipe off anything that was written on it.

There are more fantastic tips in this video. Sneaky or comfy – choose your favorite ideas and make your life in class way more comfortable.

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to create a Batman lantern.


00:56 – Memorizing Pi
02:23 – Reusable note
03:57 – No-staple documents
07:50 – Drawing circles without a compass
08:56- Batman lantern

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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