There are so many magic trciks and pranks that you can play on your friends and family! Get everyone together and throw a magic trick party for everyone! Watch this video and learn amazing magic trciks and pranks!

The first part of this video is dedicated to quick yet impressibe tricks! Imagine that you have two glasses. Do you know how to transfer a soda can from one glass to another without using your hands? Learn how after watching this video. You can also learn how to transfer a ball from one glass to another without touching it. The match trick will blow you away, I promise! If you like tricks with money, there’s also something cool for you!

Learn how to separate salt from pepper. You can mix them in a plate and then place a balloon above the plate. See how all pepper sticks to a balloon. You can surprise all your friends with this amazing trick!
In this video, you can also find amazing physical tricks! One of my favorite tricks is spider racing! Spider racing is a cool game! For this one, you need a piece of foil to make a field, and a permanent marker – draw a couple of spiders and then pour some water over them! Move spiders using a straw and the power of your breath. Enjoy the game!
There are many more amazing tricks in this video, watch and learn!
01:08 – Toothpick hack
05:50 – Spider racing
12:54 – A trick with a bill
13:41 – A magic ring

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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