Behold – the coolest collection of the best life hacks for toddlers is made for you. Check out our best life hacks to keep your toddlers busy and educated. Exciting ideas from this video are good for spending awesome family time togeher with your precious toddlers.
Teaching basic skills to toddlers is not an easy task. You can teach counting and colors to kids using our awesome ideas. You can make a cool DIY color matching game using clothespins and cardboard.
All toddlers loves cubes, especially when they are large, bright, and easy to play with. They boost up the process of development and teach a child choosing alternative ways of solving problems. We offer you to make a cool set of DIY cubes for kids with people and animals. It’s really exciting to compose them!
Awesome news – you can make cool DIY plasticine using a plain dough and a bit of food coloring. The oolest thing about this improvised Play-Doh is that it’s unlimited and you can always make some more.
Did you know that you could paint with shaving foam? All you need is foam and some colouring to add into at. Make your picture and let it dry. This is how you get a puffy 3D picture!
If you want to run your own magic science show, you better learn the following trick – take a large flat dish of milk, add some drops of different food colors and put a drop of dishwashing soap into the middle. Enjoy you private firework of color!
1:35 – Color matching palette
3:00 – DIY plasticine
5:28 – Puffy paint stamps
8:37 – Skittles painting

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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