​Christmas Decoration Tips

With Christmas just around the corner we know the struggles of finding the perfect and most affordable Christmas decorations for your house, and if you have kids, the fun Christmas games you can organize for them. Take a look at this Christmas inspired video which includes fun activities and decorations for the whole family.

1. How to make a Christmas Sleigh:

In this video, we are showing you how to make not only a slay but a miniature Christmas Winter Wonderland using household items. You can have trees inside, snow, snowmen, reindeers and a beautiful Sleigh. Here is how you make it:
– Take some craft wooden sticks and chop the ends off.
– Place 4 of those wooden sticks side by side vertically.
– Then add 1 drop of glue on top of each stick both at the top and at the bottom.
– After that place a wooden stick horizontally on the spots that you added the superglue.
– Get 4 toothpicks and chop the ends off and place them on each side of the horizontal sticks you just glued down
– Then, add 2 wooden sticks in a bowl of water and let them soak for 10 minutes
– The water will be absorbed through the wood and it will make it more bendable. Then try to bend those two sticks slightly since they will be the legs of the Sleigh.
– Add two drops of superglue – two at the top and two at the bottom and stick the top of the sleigh we created earlier. Finally, you can use red acrylic paint or spray paint to color it on top, and there you have it!

2. DIY Christmas Decoration – How to make a fireplace:

Fireplaces are exactly what makes Christmas feel so cozy, they do not necessarily need to be working fireplaces even just the look of them can make the house feel warm for some reason. So, here are step-by-step guidelines on how to make your own fireplace to warm up your living room.
– Get a short, wide and rectangular cardboard box and place it on the ground facing down.
– Then, Take two boxes of the same size and using super glue stick one of each on both the right and left side of the first box.
– Repeat to add another level of boxes on top of your existing ones.
– Add one square box in the middle of the top boxes you just placed to close the fireplace.
– Then add one behind to make it look as realistic as possible for the next step.
– Using a regular wet sponge, add a few drops of PVA glue and cover your boxes with it. Then using a brick-photographed wallpaper stick it on your boxes
– Cover all the area, and then add the finishing touches to make it as realistic as possible.

3. How to make a Christmas Snowman decoration:

Not only is this one very easy, but it can also be given as a gift to anyone who loves candy and the Christmas Spirit.
– Take 3 glass bowls all different sizes.
– Take the largest one and fill it with polystyrene which is going to be our snow and the base of the snowman (first layer)
– Add an electric candle, a Christmas tree, some Christmas presents decorations, and little Christmas starts
– Then, move on to the second layer and add it on top of the first glass bow. You can add the snow in there again using polystyrene and then any decorations of your choice.
– Then move on to the last layer on top of the second one and fill it with candy of your choice. That could be chocolate, lollipops, mints, smarties, Maltesers, snickers minibars, mars minibars and if you have kids go for a combination of smarties and kinder chocolate.
– The, finally add a paper crafted black hat on top and place it under your Christmas tree or on your coffee table for everyone to enjoy.


0:38 – How to make a miniature Sleigh
1:19 – DIY Fireplace
1:51 – Simple DIY Wreath
2:02 – Awesome DIY Orange and Cinnamon scented decorations
2:42 – DIY Candleholder
2:58 – DIY Snowman Candy Decoration
3:41 – Christmas Origami Star
5:48 – DIY Paper gift boxes / bags

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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