You cna amazing crafts with your own hands using such simple materias as yarn. If someone at your home loves knitting, you probably have a lot of yarn leftovers. Be careful – it’s not mere garbage, it’s a cool crafting material. Watch this video and see yourself how many awesome crafts you can make out of seemingly useless yarn leftovers.

If you have a couple of empty walls to decorate in your home, learn how to make awesome yarn pictures. All you need is a piece of wood as a canvas and a few nails to hold yarn. First of all, use a paper stancil in order to understand where to place nails. Ask adults to help you with hammering and there you go! A cool and stylish picture is ready to decorate your space. We created a cool heart that can bring a lot of love to someone (if you give it to someone as a present).

Yarn leftovers are perfect for making pompoms. Learn an easy way to make them and let your imagination run wild! You can make a lot of things out of pompoms – garlands, toys, scarves, even a warm doormat or a lovely cushion. It’s another sweet idea to decorate your space on a budget. You can also make a cushion cover using yarn. Check out what we made here – 02:03.

You can decorate anything with yarn and make your home a cozier place. Another stylish decision is wrapping botttles with colorful yarn. It looks fantastic and costs you practically nothing!


00:54 – Yarn painting
02:13 – Yarn cushion case
03:15 – Making DIY yarn
06:00 – Wrapped bottles

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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