Art is for everyone. With our simple tutorials from this video, you’ll learn how to draw beautiful pictures without an effort. Stay with us and learn to draw like a pro!

The first tutorial works awesome for developing imagination and fine motor skills in toddlers. It’s a perfect activity for brain development. The coolest thing about it that it’s suitable even for the smallest kids – you can use your hand as a stencil and then draw something out of it and color it as you wish! We’ve got a cute ostrich, a lovely peacock, a funny turtle, a smiling snake, a happy elephant, a green crocodile, a slow snail, and a puzzled frog! Whom will you draw? Tell us in the comments. Another cool idea of a kind is using coins as stencil for your drawings and draw som pictures in those circles.

We have a couple ideas on making origami drawings – a never-ending drawing and a ballerina! These crafts are so cool – they unite drawings and the ancient Japanese craft of origami. Also in this video, we’ll teach you how to draw perspectives without any special equipment.

There’s a little yet effective trick for those who want to learn numbers – you can easily learn numbers after drawing some pictures out of them.

Watch this video up to the end, and you’ll see some top-secret drawing ideas for kids. We”teach you how to write secret messages and draw 3D drawings.


05:45 – A lovely drawing that never ends
07:50 – 30-second drawings
15:15 – Celtic knot
17:59 – 3D drawing

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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