Ho-ho-ho! Do you hear bells jingling? It’s Christmas time, everyone! Isn’t it just the best moment to show how crative and talented you are and make adorable presents and souvenirs to all those you love? Let’s start the Christmas crafting marathon – a craft a day!

The first idea in this adorable Christmas holiday collection is a cool snowflake made of hot glue. You can do any design, but make sure to make a nice and vivid stencil to make a regularly-shaped snowflake. You can use this ornament for decorating windows, mirrors, and even your gifts and cards. You can store your fairy lights in order if you use clothes hangers for this task.

Check out our gentle ballerina crafts – they are so airy and cute, you cna hang them anywhere and enjoy the dance. You can also use napkins to make adorable angels and hang them on your tree. Another amazing ornament can be made out of paper strips – a lovely colorful snowflake, Choose your favorite color and make a lot of adorable 3D snowflakes.

If you want to give money as a gift (well, first of all, congratulations, you have no imagination), secondly, we can teach you how to fold a lovely envelope for your gift.

If you don’t have wrapping paper for your gifts, you can use foil and enjoy yourself! It’s a little bit unusual, but it looks so cool!


00:20 – Hot glue ornament
02:21 – Paper snowflake
05:20 – Glass snowman
07:00 – Paper angels

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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