If you feel bored today – this video is definitely for you. It’s full of amazing arts and crafts for kids, all you have to do is to use a bit of your creativity and repeat after us. Watch and learn!

The first craft in the whole collection of art ideas is painting with…shaving foam? All you need is foam and some colouring to add into at. Make your picture and let it dry. This is how you get a puffy 3D picture! It’s such fun to paint with these paints and touch them after thry get dry!

Another amazing and unique idea is making colorful rainbow highlighters. I bet that when your classmates see your highliters they will beg you to tell them how you made them! Sharing is caring, that’s why tell everyone (you can also tell about our channel so that your friends can see all of our awesome tutorials).

Another cool slimy toy that you can DIY is an easy stress reliever. To make it, you’ll need a balloon, some starch and water. Put the mixture into a balloon and enjoy your personal stress reliever. By the way, it also works out with toothpaste inside a balloon.

Making a giant slime is another amazing idea for you. Paint it brown and get a Nutella slime. To make it, you’ll need PVA glue, sodium tetraborate, and liquid detergent. Mix it all in a big container and enjoy your slime! Add some food coloring of your favorite color and have fun with this giant slime!

By the way, there are numerous ways of making a slime. For example, you can also use clear glue and contact lens solution, or nail polish remover, or starch, and baking soda. Ask your parents to help you when making it. You can use slime not only for fun. It works perfectly when you need to stick something to a wall, or you can fill a transparent pot with it and get a cool stationery holder.

You can make a lot of useful things using slime or jelly. For example, you can make a relaxing shoe insole. Another useful slime can help you to get rid of cat hair. Mixing clear glue and borax you can make tacky substance to glue up pictures to walls or even fridge (it doesn’t leave marks). Adding some polish remover to the mixture, you can make very convenient nail polish remover slime.

Watch this video up to the end and see how to make a fluorescent medusa in a bottle and create a cool painting right on your hand.


01:03 _ DIY rainbow highlighter
05:28 – Relaxing insole
08:14 – Shower jelly
09:07 – Medusa in a bottle

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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