Today we go less than 5 minutes – the new trend is one-minute crafts! These cool ideas will blow you mind – you don’t need any specific expensive materials for them or a lot of time. Craft and learn!

Do you like science experiments? The first video is really amazing! Did you ever play with non-Newtonian fluid? It’s liquid and hard at one and the same time. The more you press it, the harder it gets. I could have said it was magic, but it was science. Live and learn!

The following craft is literally jaw-dropping! This game is for those who love painting, you don’t need any special skills for that one – just your imagination! Check out our awesome big-mouthed pictures and try to repeat them yourself. I love those toothy monsters! What about you?

Another amazing and one-of-a-kind idea is making colorful rainbow markers. I bet that when your classmates see your highliters, they will beg you to tell them how you made them! Sharing is caring, that’s why tell everyone. This highlighter works magic!

Magnets are well-known for their surprising properties. You’ll need a magnet for the following craft. This trick is for our smallest friends! It’s so surprising – a car that moves by itself! All you have to do is to make a car out of a tissue roll and a few bottle caps. The next step is to find two magnets and attach one of them to the car and another one to a long stick. Make sure that your magnets don’t attract one another. Now, the stick is your remote control and you can move the car without touching it. Isn’t it just awesome?

If you put your pool noodles into garage up to the next summer, it’s high time to get them back. Pool noodles are awesome for teaching math! You can cut them and explain fractions to kids. Also it works with sums and other mathematical actions. Using these pool noodles and a large container, you can teach ABC and letters to kids.

There are many more amazing crafts in this video, watch and learn with us!


01:11 – Toothy pictures
02:23 – DIY rainbow highlighter
04:25 – Magnet car
08:48 – Organizer clock

Source: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS

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