As we all know stains may appear suddenly and in the most inappropriate moment: when you are out to dinner, and you drop a sauce on your lovely dress, you’re playing outside and realize your knees are covered in grass stains, or coffee stains in office. Don’t worry, you can save your favorite top or that dress if you will follow our instructions.
Lipstick stains are one of the worst but if you act quickly, you can get the color out with the help of rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover.
No need to panic if someone spills red wine on your white shirt, tablecloth, or other washable fabric just use salt and boiled water
Coffee stains: use vinegar, soda, and a toothbrush to remove stubborn stains.
All of us have dealt with embarrassing armpit stains on favorite clothes. Do not throw away your old t-shirt, just use aspirin and water.
Watch our video on how to remove ketchup from clothing with the help of soda, detergent, and vinegar.
Chewing gum is a fashion disaster for all of us but some stuck to your clothes, all is not lost. Thankfully, there are numerous tricks and techniques you can try to remove gum from clothes including the use of freezing and WD-40.
Organizing our home is not an easy task. Is your wardrobe in order? The right techniques of folding every piece of clothing in order to maximize closet space. Keep your wardrobe nice and neat by using our instruction on how to organize your clothes.
Watch our video to find the tutorial on how to effectively store your underwear. Create a helpful organizer using felt and glue gun!
Learn the genius technique for achieving the perfect fold. You can even make a special folding board out of cardboard to make folding shirts even easier. Store your sweaters vertically to save space, roll jeans and socks!
Folding clothes into square shapes is not the best way to store clothes in your luggage. Use the rolling method as it can reduce wrinkles and save space. This folding technique works really well for shorts, socks, synthetic T-shirts and tank tops, some pajamas and sweats.


00:48 Lipstick and powder stains
03:08 Washing machine hacks
08:09 Chewing gum disaster
10:20 Folding board
11:18 Roll your jeans

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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