If you want to add something that’s both fun and delicious to your makeup collection, checking out the best recipes we share with you! You will find deliciously simple DIY lip balm recipes. You can find DIY recipes of edible lip balm made from coke, chocolate, and sweets! Do you love Kit Kat? We also share the recipe of edible lip scrub.
All you need is a base of sugar, cocoa butter, beeswax, a flavor and you’re done!
Mix coca cola with cacao butter in spoon, melt then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze.
Add any chocolate beeswax and cacao butter, stir and melt it in hot water, then pour into empty balm container and let it freeze.
Put Chupa-Chups in a plastic bag, hit it with a hammer, then add some vaseline and microwave for 2 minutes. Enjoy your new lipstick!
Mix Juicy fruit candies, Orbit mints, vaseline and food coloring into one bowl, microwave for 1 minute and pour this liquid mass into an empty lip balm container!
Also, you can create a lot of gifts for your friends!
You can prepare jelly worms to prank your friends!
You will need flexible straws, milk, cocoa powder, and gelatin. Mix together the ingredients and microwave.
Fill up the glass with the straws, making sure the flexible part of the straw is closer to the bottom. Voila!
Use white chocolate to create a lip balm that you can eat! Surprise your friends!
As a bonus, learn ice cream lifehacks that will ease your life! Scoop some ice cream into that almost empty peanut butter or Nutella jar and enjoy!

Bon appetit! 😊

02:17 Edible worms
03:06 White chocolate pranks
05:52 Cute cake idea
07:21 Eat the teddy bear

Source: 5 Minute Crafts GIRLY

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